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Google Allo For Blackberry Download Allo Apk For BBM

Download Google Allo Messaging App for Blackberry: The search engine behemoth, launchedaGoogle has rolled out anew messaging app with strong end-to-end encryption called Allo during the grand Google I/O event 2016 held in the capital city, New Delhi in the month of May.Along with the launch of Allo Messaging app, the company has also unveiled a new Video Calling application called Duo during the event on the same day. Google’s new messenger app Allo and a new video calling app, Duo were regarded as one of the major attractions at the Keynote Google I/O event 2016 that truly grabbed the attention of every spectator.

Go launched a killer messenger app namely Allo that the company has rolled out this app which works on both iOS and Android phones for the time being. Allo messenger app is similar to the WhatsApp Messaging app that can be used to make conversation with your beloved ones regardless of the platform on which you’ve been using the application. Here is all you need to know about the Allo Messaging app launched by Google and the detailed steps to download Allo Messaging app for Blackberry device users.

Features of Google ‘Allo’ App

Here are some of the remarkable features of the new Google Allo killer Messenger app.

  • WhisperShout’is an amazing feature of Allo that lets you change the size of the text as per to the tone you use.
  • Google Assistant is another feature through which you can acquire answers, discern information, and get things done without the need offering from your conversation.
  • You can also shrink or increase a word in synchronization to the tone adapted by the user.
  • Another interesting feature of Allo app is the ‘Ink’, that lets the users doodle over a picture.
  • The Google Allo app also has an Incognito private browsing mode that deletes the conversation once the user sends the messaging app.

Google Allo For Blackberry

Allo is a new messaging application launched by the search engine giant at the much-anticipated Google I/O event 2016. The developers have designed this Messaging app with a strong and powerful end-to-end encryption which means that all your communications and chat conversation can’t be eavesdropped even by the Government sources and WhatsApp as well. The major objective of the search engine giant to launch this Allo Killer Messaging app is to obtain the user beats, responses and provide suggestions in the form of quick replies.

Allo Messenger will knock into your contact list, and it looks like it uses phone numbers, just like instant messaging app WhatsApp and other similar services. Google Allo has amazing features that begin with self- expression and this Google Allo app also features stickers and Emoji, similar to most of its rivals. But the Allo messaging app moves away from the standard with a feature called Whisper-Shout that allows you to make changes to the text like resizing it just by dragging up and down on the device’s screen

The main notion behind this is to let you express your state of mind without having to resort to all caps or other ploys. You can even draw on pictures with a feature called Ink. Allo is an amazing app that delivers powerful end-to-end encryption to all its users. The end-to-end encryption provided on Allo Messenger app safeguards the privacy of your text messages and voice and video calls with a warrant so that the government can’t access them and peep into your chat conversation.

Download Allo For Blackberry

All the users who wish to use this application can download the Google Allo app for Blackberry once after the release. Google has rolled out this amazing application especially for the Android and iOS platform users, and it is currently working out to roll out for other platforms like Blackberry, Windows, etc. You can now download the Allo application for Blackberry soon after the official release of the app.

Google Allow For Blackberry

Procedure to Download & Install Duo for Blackberry

Here is a procedure how to download Google Allo for Blackberry phone users.

  1. Firstly you need to download APK file. Downloading the APK file you can easily search it on the Internet. Then you will find the link to download the APK file. Or if you already have this file installed in your Blackberry device easy to use.
  2.  The next step executes the file. Execution tap on file. If you cannot find the file, you can also download it for execution.
  3.  Now accept the permissions and install the file. It is advised to read the permission before accepting it since your phone might be accessed by the app only when you accept the permissions so be careful while doing this. Once you click on Install button, the process will start within few seconds
  4. And after installation of the app, you will be notified that app has been installed successfully once the app has been installed you can easily chat with your friends .
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